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JTAG Commander...

Take full control of your JTAG scan chain and all the devices on it. A low-level utility to do anything you need to do during test and debug of your JTAG enabled target.

  • Total JTAG State Machine control

  • Any size scan chain, any number of devices, any order

  • Runs SVF, XSVF, JAM files for programming FPGA/CPLD devices

  • Uses standard BSDL files or manual information entry

  • Creates SVF code for system test

  • uses usbDemon interface

Download JTAG Commander


Note that you MUST have a Macraigor usbDemon to use the software. When you purchase this software, you get a license code that will program your usbDemon to work with the JTAG Commander software. AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS BASED PCs ONLY at this time.

$399.00 - SOFTWARE License ONLY!


Supports every JTAG enabled chip on the market today!